About Us

Welcome to Computer Networks of NY

Experience Matters. We have over 30 years experience in the IT Industry.

Since the days of DOS, to today, our team has been installing the latest in PC/Windows computer systems, Apple Macintosh computers, network printers as well as Enterprise wide WIFI access points for wireless devices. We also design and install Domain controllers, file servers with user directory security, email servers, backup servers, SQL database servers and webservers, or we can map out a plan to move your infrastructure to a modern cloud-based topography. We can implement and install routers, switches and firewalls and connect multiple offices together into a single (WAN) Wide Area network. Using Gigabit speed Wireless bridges we can connect multiple buildings together in a campus setting or several miles from one another. Our trained professional data cable installers have experience running Ethernet and Fiber Optic runs in offices, conference rooms, retail establishments, restaurants, government facilities, hotels and anywhere else a data cable is needed!

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Who We are

We Are Computer Networks of NY

Staffed by Engineers & Project managers with backgrounds in Marketing, Pharma, Healthcare and the Financial Banking Industry.

Our staff have provided solutions and deployed out technologies to private sector Enterprise marketing companies, Healthcare facilities, Credit Suisse|First Boston, Merrill Lynch, Deutche Bank, General Electric, Barclay's Capital, Rueters, Banco Popular and Schering-Plough pharmaceuticals.

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